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Special Museum Historical Edition

Published in the Liberty County Herald Hinesviile GA on November 26, 1959

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The Midway Museum

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Riceborough Bowl

This Staffordshire bowl is a drawing of the Riceborough Inn. It was one of the buildings the Architect Thomas Little used to design the Midway Museum. This is shown and described by Mrs. Basil Hall’s book of her travels in North America with her husband and daughter. On March 20, 1828, the stagecoach inn in Riceboro was sketched by her husband, on their trip through Georgia.It was described as follows “a frame-house, being made of timbers squared and fastened together, and afterwards covered with planks at the sides and ends, while the roof is either boarded or protected by shingles, a sort of wooden slate, two feet in length, and six inches wide. Almost all the houses in that part of the country have verandahs, or what they call ‘piazzas’.”

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The Midway Museum is the home to a prodigious collections of heirloom furnishing, paintings, artifacts and historical documents as well as genealogical books of reference that many prominent families and their ancestors donated from the colonial period. Since its completion, the Midway Museum has served as the pattern for numerous private reconstructions and renovations. Exhibits, documents, and furnishings placed in the Museum commemorate and reanimate the love of Liberty which distinguishes the Midway Society from the Colonial period through its last annual meeting in December, 1865.

Overview of the Museum….Built 1959

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