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Stewart-Screven Monument / Dedication 1915

The unveiling of the Stewart-Screven Monument in 1915 — at Historic Midway Cemetery, Midway GA

The unveiling of the Stewart-Screven Monument in 1915
— at Historic Midway Cemetery, Midway GA

Stewart-Screven Monument / Dedication 1915


An event of state-wide interest is that of the unveiling, on April 26, of the handsome monument erected by the United States government at old Midway church, in Liberty county to those two gallant generals of the war of the revolution, General Daniel Stewart and General James Screven, who lie buried in this historic churchyard.

The monument, which was erected at a cost of more than $10,000, stands in the main walk which runs through the center of the graveyard, with General Stewart’s grave lying to the left and General Screven’s to the right.

Extensive preparations have been made for the unveiling. Governor Slaton and his staff have been invited; the two United States senators from Georgia, the Georgia congressmen, the members of the Georgia legislature and the statehouse officers. Adjutant General J. Van Holt Nash will accompany the Georgia Hussars of Savannah, who will attend in a body; also the Savannah Volunteer guards and other militia organizations.

Colonel W.C. Langfill, United States engineer, will formally turn the monument over to Chairman N.J. Norman, who will preside at the unveiling. Colonel A.S. Way, of Liberty county, has been selected to speak for the descendants of the old Midway society. He will be followed by Congressman Charles G. Edwards, who after a short address will introduce the national speaker. This will be some one chosen by President Wilson to represent him upon this occasion.

This tardy recognition by the United States government of the heroic reviee rendered their country in the struggle for independance by these two generals (service in which General Screven lost his life) encourages the Daugthers of the American Revolution to hope that some day, with the help of the government, all of Georgia’s important revolutionary battlefields and all of the graves of our revolutionary heroes may be splendidly marked. It is a duty we owe to those who won for us liberty and independence.

Source: The Atlanta Constitition, April 18, 1915, page 5

To be unveiled at Midway, Liberty County, Monday, April 26

Savannah, Ga., April 21. — [Special] — Every detail has been prepared for the unveiling tomorrow of an imposing granite memorial to two of her heroes of Liberty county, “the cradle of liberty” and historic old Midway. Today the monument is shrouded within the Stars and Stripes. Tomorrow, released by the fair hands of Miss Helen Quarterman and Miss Eliza Maxwell Stevens, two of the thirteen sponsors, the folds of Old Glory will fall away and reveal fitting testimony of the reincarnation of the spirit of the patriots in those which have been instrumental in erecting the memorial to two famous Georgians, that their names and deeds might be prepetuated to posterity.

The first ceremonies of the day will begin at 11 o’clock. Judge Newton J. Norman, president of the Stewart-Screven monument commission will be master of ceremonies and introduce the several speakers. With him on the platform, besides the speakers, will be seated the thirteen sponsors, practically all of whom are direct descendants of either General James Screven or General Daniel Stewart; twenty members of the monument commission; Mrs. W.L. Wilson and four others officers of the Georgia Society, Colonial Dames of America; Judge Richard B. Russell of the state court of appeals; Adjutant General J. Van Holt Nash, and Major General Walter harris, of the state military department; William harden, secretary of the Sons of the Revolution; Colonel G. Noble Jones, president of the Society of the Colonial Wars; Miss Margaret A. cosens, regent of the Lachlan McIntosh chapter, and Mrs. J.S. Wood, regent of the Savannah chapter, D.A.R., George F. Tennille, representing the Society of the Cincinnati; Captain George W. Drummond, representing the Sons of the American Revolution, and a few others guests.

The ceremonies will open with the presentation of the tablet commemorating the restormation of a portion of the wall surrounding the Midway cemetery, by General Peter W. Meldrim, president of the American Bar association for the Georgia Society of Colonial Dames.

colonel J.B. Way, of Hinesville, will make the speech of acceptance for the Midway society. At the conclution of this feature, an hour or more will be devoted to a basket picnic on the grounds. Thirteen fair young sponsors will participate in theunveiling of the Stewart-Screven monument at 1 o’clock.

Source: The Atlanta Constitution, April 25, 1915, page B8


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Retreat Plantation Cemetery

Retreat Cemetery
Riceboro Georgia

In memory of, Mrs. Mary Jones Daughter of Col. Andrew Maybank who departed this life on May 13th 1804 on the sixth day after the birth of her fourth infant. Aged 22 years, 6 months and 14 days. Farewell my friend. Departed worth farewell. On thee the fond, the tender, thought shall dwell.
Laura Matilda The pet lamb of out flock Born May 16, 1843 died March 22, 1854
Edward Joseph Jones aged 2 years and 6 months.
Elliot Maxwell Jones aged 18 months.
Thomas Scriven Jones aged 2 years children of Joseph and Elizabeth S.L Jones.
Jesus said, suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Capt. Joseph Jones.
Age 66years, 10months, 19 days.
The honored, the revered,
The tender beloved head of a numerous family cut off by a sudden stroke of divine providence in the vigor of a green old age from the midst of energetic usefulness and active and untiring industry.
Died: October 18, 1846.

The protector of the orphan
the friend of widow,
the benefactor of the poor,
the patriotic and highly respected citizen.

Distinguished in all the relations of life for justice, courage, humanity, benevolence and generosity.
His memory in encircled by a halo
of the brightest virtues,
and his death illumined by the Christian’s hope
Full of Life and Immortality
Oct. 18th 1846.
My Husband
James Newton Jones Born Sept. 14, 1825 Died Oct. 8, 1854 Blessed are the dead which die in the lord that they may rest foe their labours and their works do follow them.
Lifes duty done as sinks the day. Light from its load the spirit files. While heaven and earth combine to say, How blest the righteous when he dies.
Father not my will but thine be done

In memory of Sarah Jones Daughter of Cap. David Anderson who departed this life Sept. 8, 1817. Five months and 9 days after the birth of her eighth infant.
Aged 34 years 2 months and 9 days.

Beyond this vale of tears
our treasure lives
and Hope still blossoms tho frail nature dies.

To the memory of Josephine E.H.
wife of Dr. J.J. Maxwell.
Born 18th May, 1839 Died 15th Sept. 1857
She many a nobble gift from heaven possessed and faith at last, alone worth all the rest.

In memory of
H. Augusta wife of Dr, C.W. Maxwell who died in Key West Sept. 9th 1857 in the 29th year of her age and Elliot Le Conte. Their son who Died Sept. 12th 1857 in the 4th year of his age.
To the loveliest joys of earth were given. Beloved life, in death assured of heaven.

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Sunbury Colonial Cemetery

Sunbury Colonial Cemetery
Sunbury, Georgia

J.T. Stevens
Born July 2, 1850
Died October 1, 1861

Sacred to the memory of Josiah Powell, Esq. who died at his house near Sunbury on the 21st July 1788 and his age of —- He was through life a sincere friend to his country and a zealous advocate for Liberty. Called by his fellow citizens to office of public trust, he discharged their respective duties with strict Fidelity. In his commerce with the world he was upright and honest to his family he was a blessing; and to all the social and benevolent duties, ever prompt. Reader; Go and do thou likewise.

Revt. Wm. McWhir, D.D who was born in the County Down Ireland 9th Sept. 1759 and died in Liberty Co., Ga 31st Jan. 1851. In 1783 he came to the U.S. and settled at Alexandria, Virginia whence he moved to Ga. in 1793.

Mary McWhir who was born in Liberty Co., Ga 27 Sept 1757 and died at Springfield near Sunbury 16 Dec. 1819. 1st husband Col. Lapina
2nd husband Co. John Baker
3rd husband Rev. Wm. McWhir.

Mrs. Semor Smith the consort of James Smith, Esq. of McIntosh Co. who departed this life on 6 Dec. 1828 age 53 yrs. 22nd day.

Eliza Anne.
Eldest daughter of Edmund and Eliz Richardson
Death: Oct 23, 1831
AET 11 yrs. 9 mo.

Adam G. Dunham
Death: Oct. 28 1867
AET 50 yrs. 9 mo.

Mary Dunham
Death: Dec. 8, 1864
80 yrs. 9 mo.

Revt. Jacob H Dunham
Death: Sept 25 1832
58 yrs. 7 mo.
Minister Baptist Church.

Hannah Mary Dunham
Birth: March 8, 1836
Death: April 1, 1911

Thomas H. Dunham
Death: Oct 12 1870
Aged 30 years. 12 days.

Jacob H Dunham
Death: July 10 1857
13 years 1 month 7 days.

Mrs. Anne H Dunham
Death: May 18, 1854
39 years 2 months 2 days.

Thomas J. Dunham
Birth: July 31, 1810
Death: Sept 9 1885.

George W. Dunham
Death: Sept 16, 1860
52 years 10 months.

Thomas Gould Law
Death: Oct 16, 1853
aged 2 years 2 months.

Revt. Josiah S. Lay Son of Revt. Samuel and Rebecca Law Death: Oct 4, 1853
45 years 8 months

Charles H. Law
Death: 1887
Lieut C.S.A., by U.D.C

Mrs. Temperance Law. 3rd wife of Rev. Samuel Spry Wife Rev. S.S Law
Death: Oct 16, 1857
aged 77

Mary H. Law.
Death: Sept 15, 1832
12 years.

James P. Law
Death: Oct 6 1826
15 years.

Revt. S.S Law
Death: Feb 1, 1825
62 years.

Ann Martha Law
Death: Oct 1, 1825

Sarah Law
Death: Dec 17, 1822
16 years.

Samuel Ed
Death: Sept 28, 1820

Mrs. Rebecca G Law,
Death: June 22 1817
age 37 years.

Mary C Fleming
Death October 12, 1838
14 years 5 months.

Eliz. C. Fleming
Death: Nov 3, 1838
6 years 6 months.

Geo. Troup Fleming.
Death: Feb. 3, 1838
3 years 5 months.

Thomas Barrett Law
June 7, 1836
Aged 12 months.

Matilda Emma Fleming
Death Oct 5,1852
4 years

Mrs. Matilda H. Fleming
Daughter S.S and Rebecca Laws
Death: Aug 21, 1853
43 years 2 months.

Capt. Peter Winn Fleming
B. May 1 1817
D. Jan 6 1882

Little Sally
Daughter Josiah Law and Mary Alice Fleming
Birth: Feb. 18 1870
Death: Feb 19 1870.

Josiah Law Fleming
Birth: March 24 1842
Death: May 24 1891

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